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Stay Woke D.C. trains youth advocates and organizers to strategize long term, short term, and rapid response tactics for social change in their community. They also amplify these issues on the progressive radio show they produce Stay Woke Radio.

Wednesdays 2:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Know Your Rights Training 

Every Last Wednesday of the Month


"Teach a man to fish and they can eat forever; teach him how to organize and the entire community will."

                                                                                                  - Ms. Aiyi'nah


  Every Wednesday, our youth organizers meet to discuss their own community concerns. They agree on a plan of action that includes how to self-advocate, strategically organize, and cultivate cooperative economics from the community interests and needs. At The Future Foundation, social justice is more than a trending topic. Our Youth Organizing Squad has decided to heal from their own inter-generational trauma by channeling their resilience into equitable solutions. Every Thursday, you can hear from them directly on the only live radio show for youth from the Nation's Capitol, by them. We invite you to tune in by clicking their logo above. All of these organizing efforts are funded through sales of our very popular t-shirt. You can snag one below!



Youth Organizers celebrate the launch of Stay Woke Radio with their families!

Current Campaigns


Community Parent Patrol directly addresses public safety concerns students are facing by escorting them to/from neighborhood schools. During the walk, parents facilitate small talk that encourages positive decision making for each student. 


Pushback Against Push-out works to identify and address school push-out policies within neighborhood schools.


Teen Temps Cooperative is the first ever teenager-owned and operated worker's co-op. 


The People's Budget teaches residents about the D.C. Fiscal Budget and provides opportunities to proactively informs the budget process.


Politics Progress Report brings awareness to the issues, accountability to the politicians, and action opportunities for voters from the youth who are impacted but ineligible to vote.








Remember That

Time When...


A look at some of our past projects:



...192 youth in D.C. for the National's Women March got trained by us.



...turned out 238 families to the 

People's Climate March.



...organized the 1st ever

Youth Budget Forum.



and that's not everything (just what we had space for). 


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