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The only trauma-informed youth center in Ward 8.


Our mission is to support traumatized youth that chose to create a future worth fighting for; instead of fighting one another.  This is achieved by centering a social-emotional approach to achieving social justice. We call it #thefutureDC we want to see. 


Since we began on April 2, 2012, our work has been :

  • 100% trauma-informed.

  • 100% youth-led.

  • and 100% rooted in the Ward 8 commUNITY.

At The Future Foundation, resilient teens (ages 13+), their families (if they have any), and their educators master individual wellness practices, peer-to-peer support, and community organizing skills required to transform the adverse impacts of childhood trauma into triumph.

What is


THIS is trauma-informed...

serves 3 hot meals a day in Ward 8's food desert. Since April 2 2012, we have served over 175,500 meals. 

tfflogo (1).png

Follow us...we're going places! 

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