Since 2012, The Future Foundation has provided the only free, trauma-informed, drop-in programs for teens and their families in the entire Ward 8 community. Our mission is to empower and activate future adults (13-24 years of age) and their families with advocacy, community organizing, and resource development skills to create a future worth fighting for. Simply stated, we take a social-emotional approach to achieve social justice. Take a look for yourself in this video:

We prefer not to quantify the positive impact The Future Foundation has made. We believe that people are more than numbers. Unfortunately, some very powerful people only care about numbers; so, how many youth and families has The Future Foundation served?


 Future Adults

have participated in our trauma-informed programs.


Ward 8 families

have been transformed by our trauma-informed programs.


free, hot meals served PRE-COVID 19. 


community service hours

earned by the future adults in our program.

Not bad for 8 years and $0 of federal or local government funding, ey?

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