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Special Programs & Initiatives


WORK D.C. Certification Collaborative

A special collaboration intended to connect the entrepreneurs of the future with the small business owners of today.

STANDstage Theatre

uses the arts to inspire sincere social change. Participants create literary, visual and performing arts that illustrate their ideas and experiences as community organizers and future adults. This medium is used to raise awareness and build affinity around community issues and identify unknown allies.


CommUNITY Green Machine

is an interactive think tank that illustrates how building capacity for environmental justice could end poverty. "Future adults" and their families literally grind ( a term meaning to sell) green vegetables. They can also sell green machines. They can also save money with green practices. No matter what you do, the ending(s) result in real community resources.

The Break Down

A shorter program designed to activate future adults and their families with extra empowerment during Spring and Winter Break.

Still Woke Summer

specialized curriculum, interactive think tanks and recreational activities designed to empower future adults and their families to address the societal issues they are facing.


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